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If you really want to achieve a gorgeous bikini body, take my advice. Stop watching random workout videos on YouTube.

And here’s why.

To get the perfect looking body shape, it’s going to take time and you need to focus on each part of your body in the right order.

While you are working out, you will need to keep an eye on your nutrition and be eating the right food at the right time.

The bottom line is, you need to follow a proven workout program designed to help you achieve your goal, which is a great looking bikini body.

In this review we are taking a close look at ‘The Bikini Body Workouts System’ by Jen Ferruggia.

What is The Bikini Body Workout?

Bikini Body Workouts is a fitness program developed by Ms. Jen Ferruggia. She was a former softball player and has a BSC degree in Exercise Movement.

She sports an enviable bikini body today but there was a time when she had to deal with unwanted and unexpected weight gain like most women in the world.

Despite being an athlete, she had gained fat in her adolescence and has since adopted a lifestyle of exercise, restraint and nutritious foods.

Her approach has helped her to retain a fascinating physique. She has developed several techniques that are collectively called Bikini Body Workouts System. It consists of workouts and meal plans that she has perfected herself.

According to Ferruggia, her system can help women to get into shape and sustain it for the rest of their lives. She describes the approach as simple and sustainable.

Her techniques can help women to maintain a bikini body throughout the year and not just during the summer months.

In this Bikini Body Workout review, we will assess the various facets of the system.

Whats Inside The Bikini Body System?

The program has six elements.

These are:

  • Online Instructional Exercise Videos,
  • Workout Guide,
  • Nutrition Guide,
  • Supplement List,
  • Comprehensive Shopping List
  • 21-Day Booty Blast.
bikini body guides

The program does not leave any room for speculations or guesswork. Everything is explained in detail. Nothing is ambiguous or uncertain.

Women can rely on the program for a holistic transformation.

Workout Videos

The online Instructional Exercise Videos are pretty self-explanatory. Jen Ferruggia herself features in the videos providing lucid instructions. These are not the usual exercises women do at a gym or at home.

The exercises are developed to target, burn and melt away fat in particular areas of your body.

The exercises are also refined to ensure the fat is burnt and melt away three times faster than is possible with most intensive workouts.

There is no running on a treadmill or investing in expensive installations.

Workout Guide

The Workout Guide is a stepwise instructional handbook that teaches women to take one step at a time, how to work out exactly the way as Ferruggia has envisioned every exercise, how to choose sufficient reps and sets, when to rest and how to keep going.

Nutrition Guide

The Nutrition Guide is an integral part of the program. The guide does not recommend any fad diet.

It simply advocates healthy yet delicious meals. There is no calorie counting.

The nutrition guide is mostly focused on healthy eating so the body can keep burning fat throughout the day.

Supplement List

Supplement List offers an inside scoop.

There is information about supplements and other relevant advice to complement the workout and nutritious meal plans.

Shopping List

Comprehensive Shopping List provides all necessary information about wholesome foods that ensure every meal is nutritious and healthy. The list can be handy for women every time they shop for groceries.

Booty Blast

21-Day Booty Blast is for a chiseled stomach, a perfect butt and amazing muscles.

This is a special program. There are workouts spanning ten minutes to accentuate the muscles, so the body is not just slim or slender but also formidable.

How Does  the Program Work?

The training program is developed by a woman who has herself attained the enviable physique that millions of women, regardless of age and profession, long for and this certainly adds credibility to the system.

bikini body beach

It’s evident Ferruggia is passionate about the system and this shows throughout the program.

The fact that the workout program is a holistic guide instead of being just focused on exercise or diet is certainly helpful for those who do not know where to start and how to sustain such a lifestyle.

The list of supplements is helpful too.

The shopping list is definitely a life saver, especially those who are not too familiar with whole foods and nutritional values in different meals.

The time bound program for muscles is also useful. Many women develop a slender figure but they look too slim and that is not always a good thing.

A few specific aspects of the program are indeed appreciable.

The focus is clearly on developing a body that looks perfect and beyond flattering in a bikini.

It is no secret that generic exercises at a gym do not get women even close to a body that looks flattering in a bikini.

Many women do cross fit a few days every week and even they are unable to shed the fat from their belly.

Millions of women have cellulose in their thighs and butts, backs and shoulders, bellies and around their breasts, all of which clearly defeat the whole purpose of being able to don a bikini without being concerned or uncomfortable.

The truth is most exercises that personal trainers and other experts recommend are geared towards a long journey to transformation.

Even the crash courses tend to go overboard with restrictions which make the results either unattainable or unsustainable.

This program focuses on what matters. It does not recommend any fad diet, but it stresses on the importance of healthy and nutritious meals at the right times.

Anyone who cannot adhere to these stipulations will not succeed in attaining the desired transformation. The perfect body can never be about only exercise.

Bikini Body

Anyone who has enough fat cells and there are sufficient unused calories to fill them up will always have a bulge here and there. In most cases, such people and it is not just women will have several bulges.

A well-toned body demands intensive workouts, exercises that target specific muscles and meals that complement.

Jogging every day, the whole realm of core workouts, the squats and dead lifts, the crunches and planks, even yoga and pilates fall short of helping women to attain a bikini body.

This is simply because most of the traditional exercises do not target the fats and intended muscles in a manner effective enough to bring about such a transformation.

Pros & Cons

Our likes and dis-likes about this product


  • You get instant access to the whole program immediately after you make payment.  
  • The Bikini Body Workout System  was developed by a real workout instructor who is passionate about the system.
  • The program is easy to understand and use. It's packed with information from the very beginning. 
  • Your protected by a 60 days 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee.


  • You can only access the program online.
  • You will need to have some basic home equipment for a few exercises.


This is certainly a standout program in this perspective.

The exact results of course rest on the efforts of an individual. The entire system is simplified, and the instructions leave no room for error.

The program is realistic, and the results are attainable.

The money-back guarantee offers total peace of mind by a well established and trusted workout instructor.

Where to buy Bikini Body Workouts:

The legit version of the program is only available through the Jen Ferruggia's  website, you can visit her website here >>>

To obtain the most recent version of The Binini Body Workout System at best price always purchase directly through the vender’s main website :