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Non Directional Trading

Insights how to make money regardless of market direction in 11 modules
Non Directional Trading details how to close positions for maximum profits and advanced techniques and explosive wealth building strategies that helps you to make money whether the market goes up or down.


WalMart No Overnight Parking

Learn which Wal-Marts Do Not Allow free overnight stays in RVs.
This explains how dealers earn their profits and what discount a buyer can expect to negotiate off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) whether at a dealer's showroom, an RV show or through a private party.


Database Normalization

Why is it so hard to design and maintain high-performing relational databases?
Mastering database normalization techniques: Essentials for high performance relational databases


Second hand car dealing

The ebook, Inspect before you buy is a very useful tool in buying used cars.
It reveals facts that you should know about physical appearance of the car.Like a worn out engine,smell of exhaust.Body repair by the use of magnet.Poor front end alignment,tyre condition.Worn automatic transmission,smell of transmission fluid.Regular oil change,color of oil.Cooling system etc.

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