Red Tea Detox Review – Can Red Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Red Tea For Weight Loss

Are you keen on losing weight? Do you want to know what is the best diet for losing weight?

If yes, you may have already tried some of the many weight loss plans on the market right now.

While some weight loss plans may target fat-burning, some may focus on increasing your body’s metabolism rate and other plans may just be too calorie-conscious.

How can you be sure of finding a weight loss plan that covers all the relevant aspects and also helps you lose weight naturally without any side effects?

Maybe you have already tried some diet plan and maybe even weight loss pills only to find they are just too difficult to maintain or simply they don’t work. In that case, the Red Tea Detox is the ideal weight loss plan for you.

The Red Tea Detox is a new program by an experienced naturopath with many years of research to her credit. But does red tea detox work? Is Red tea (also known as rooibos) good for you? Can it help you lose weight?

Keep reading to learn more about this program and claim your Discount voucher.


Who is Liz Swann Miller – Author of the Red Tea Detox Program

Liz Swann Miller – Author of the Red Tea Detox ProgramLiz Swann Miller is a naturopath, an experienced weight-loss expert and top-selling author with over 14,000 book sales worldwide.

She traveled to a remote African wilderness, to learn about a magical red tea drink used by a Kenyan tribe keeps them hunger-free.

She spent many years researching about the red tea, and its benefits as the tribe weren’t keen on making their magical drink public.

Liz understood that the red tea was indeed a phenomenal detoxifying agent that not only helped her burn her body fat rapidly but also kept her hunger-free.

She wasted no time and about helping the world understand the phenomenal benefits of the weight-loss drink that she had just tasted.

She simplified the entire process by giving her readers the recipe showing how to make the red tea easily at home. She explains that using 5 simple ingredients, anyone can prepare the exotic, detoxifying drink of red tea and get ready to lose pounds in just a few weeks. She guarantees a weight loss of 14 pounds

in just 14 days! Incredible, isn’t it?


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New weight-loss rules defined in this program

In her red tea detox weight- loss recipe, Liz has combined interesting facts backed by enough scientific research to prove the combined ingredients works.

She insists that one shouldn’t focus on only one’s diet and exercise for losing weight. She explains that there are many more factors that govern the body’s fat-shrinking capacity.

Her ground-breaking fat shrinking rules are explained below. They are very simple, and you will be surprised you haven’t come across it before:

  1. Eat more, weigh less

Yes, you read that right! Through this weight loss program, Liz explains that detox is the best way to lose weight. Therefore, eating more superfoods (super-healthy foods), will make you feel full and increase your metabolism rate and make your body burn fats rapidly.


  1. Reduce stress, lose fat

On the days when you are stressed, you tend to binge-eat on unhealthy food such as ready meals and take-outs.  This is where the magical red tea comes to your rescue. It contains five unique and scientifically-tested ingredients that help you keep your stress levels under check.

  1. Eliminate toxins, drop pounds

This is a no-brainer, however most of the weight-loss plans do not target on eliminating the toxins from our body, unlike the healthy red tea detox recipe.  Most of the foods that we eat are processed, refined or genetically modified. As a result, our body keeps storing accumulated toxic fats, which eventually lead to issues such as obesity and strokes. The detox recipe contains several detoxification methods that help you focus on what you eat instead of how much you eat.

  1. Rebalance hormones, release stored fat

As mentioned earlier, this detox recipe devised by Liz contains five unique ingredients that help you shed weight effectively and naturally. One of the compounds of these ingredients is the noradrenaline. This is a stimulant hormone that helps the body to release the stored toxic fats and shrink the fat cells. This red tea recipe increases the production of noradrenaline in your body, which helps you shed as much as 14 pounds (if not more) in only 14 days!

  1. Exercise less, lose more weight

Contrary to most of the other weight loss programs that focus on high-intensity physical exercises, this red tea recipe asks you to exercise less! In her program, Liz explains through scientifically-tested measures that you only had to exercise smartly by putting your sweet spots to use. Your sweet spots are those that help you burn fat most effectively.

Why is red tea the ideal detox tea for weight loss?

By now you may naturally be getting intrigued by the red tea or rooibos that Liz and her thousands of her clients genuinely vouch for. Here are some compelling reasons why you need to try out this detox tea weight loss program if you are looking for a natural means of weight loss:

  • It doesn’t make you hungry at all, as observed in the tribes in Africa.
  • It is made from 5 unique and scientifically tested ingredients that act on innovative fat-shrinking rules and metabolism rates.
  • It improves your energy and stamina to considerable levels.
  • It acts effectively to make your body release the stubborn doses of fat that have been accumulated at different places.
  • It helps to keep your stress and hormonal balance under check always, which prevents you from binge-eating or over-eating.
  • It is a relaxing drink that helps you regulate your sleep patterns; the sounder you sleep, the healthier you feel.
  • The author and her husband tried this delicious drink to find that it cleansed their body of toxins and helped them to reduce up to 41 pounds in about 2 months!
  • The red tea keeps you so full that you would never want to touch the junk foods and sodas again.


What do the five ingredients of this recipe do to your body?

Red tea (rooibos) detox ingredients

By now, you know that the red tea is the best detox tea for weight loss and it is made from 5 common but extremely powerful ingredients that act on the fat burning capacity of your body.

Here are some more specifics on the functions of these red tea detox ingredients:

Fat-Shrinking – The ingredient, aspalathin, is scientifically proved to reduce stress levels in your body. Also known as belly fat burning tea.

This red tea recipe contains this ingredient, and you will be surprised to realize that in spite of not feeling hungry, you will still feel energized all through the day after having a cup of this drink.

Fat-Storage Stopper – This detox drink focuses on increasing your metabolism rate at a phenomenal rate. Therefore, even though you consume very little calories (because you don’t feel hungry), you will feel that your body will burn it quicker than ever. You will feel full always, and your body doesn’t get any chance to store the toxic fats that make you sick.

Fat Unlocker – This detox drink contains ingredients that improve your body’s insulin sensitivity. The powerful noradrenalin helps your body to release the stored fat and shrink the fat cells at a rapid rate. As a result, you will feel full and energized as all the toxins are washed away instantly.

Fat Cleanser – While cleansing fat, red tea also helps in improving your digestive capabilities. This is possible with the help of an important ingredient known as a diuretic. This ensures that the sodium and potassium levels are maintained in perfect balance in your body, at all times.

Hunger Killer – Red tea helps your body to metabolize carbohydrates at a very rapid rate. Carbs are mostly the culprits why you over-eat or binge-eat. When these are metabolized, you will start feeling fuller and more energized than ever before.

Health benefits of the red tea detox recipe

Since your body’s fat-burning capacity and metabolism rates are increased rapidly due to the red tea drink, you will experience the following health benefits:

  • Reduced risk to diabetes
  • Excellent functioning of the liver, kidneys and other vital organs
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Better-regulated blood sugar levels
  • Better mood than ever
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Reduced risk to serious ailments such as strokes, cardiac arrests, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more

Where to purchase Red Tea Detox?

You can purchase the program directly from the official website.

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What do you get with The Red Tea Detox Program?

The best detox diet pakage

Not only will you receive The Red Tea Detox Program, but Liz is also offering an exciting package of bonuses FREE.

Free bonuses:


100 Great-Tasting Smoothie Fat-Loss Recipes

This booklet worth $27 is available to you free of cost. It contains 100 interesting and delicious green smoothie recipes for making you an overall better person – physically and mentally.






Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis – Audio MP3

You are what you think you are. This audio CD contains several hypnotic suggestions by Liz, which helps your mind to remember to eat healthy foods always. This MP3 format contains 18 minutes of relaxing hypnotic suggestions. Liz charges her private clients around $147 for this, but you get to enjoy it for free!




The Ultimate Super Food Guide for Super Health

Worth $27, this booklet contains a list of superfoods, how beneficial they are for you and the science behind the facts. This is a book that will provide you with solutions for any physical problem that you might have.






The 5 Detox Methods of Famous Celebrities

How do celebrities keep themselves healthy and energized always? This booklet will give you a peek into the lives of celebrities like Beyonce and answer this question for you. You will know about the celebrity detox treatments, saunas and other beauty treatments in this book that Liz’s patients don’t mind paying $197 for!






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What I like:

  • Excellent value for money – the red tea detox recipe and the attractive bonuses that are worth around $800 in reality, can be yours for a paltry $37. If that’s not what is called attractive pricing, what is?
  • Scientific researches and evidence-backed facts make the red tea recipe of Liz looks convincing and practical. Probably one of the natural detox drinks I’ve come across for s while.
  • Thousands of Liz’s patients and Liz herself, along with her husband, have tried this recipe to experience phenomenal weight loss in just 14 days!
  • 60-day money-back guarantee – Liz is quite confident about the results of her red tea recipe, which is why she offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for anybody who isn’t satisfied with her program.

What could have been better?

  • The program is an online download, no physical copy available.
  • You have to exercise your sweet spots (as mentioned earlier) mandatorily if you want to lose as much weight promised by Liz.
Bottom Line

By far, this is one of the most exhaustive weight-loss programs that we have come across. Unlike other programs that prescribe temporary quick-fixes for losing weight or simply too difficult to achieve, the red tea detox explains that diet, exercise, and mental motivation have to go hand in hand for achieving a weight loss target.

The program is based on five unique ingredients that work on innovative fat-shrinking rules. These ingredients help you stay full and fit, even though you eat less.

This rooibos recipe is worth trying for so many reasons but also because it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to back it up.

If you are serious about weight loss, forget all those diet weight loss weight control programs that are often not achievable, this recipe is a must-try for you.

Liz has taken the pain to make this magical drink that was a secret only to the African tribes, may soon know by you. So, what’s the harm in trying it out? Remember, if it doesn’t work, you can get a full refund.

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