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In this Shoot Ropes review we ask, can you really shoot ropes like a porn star using this simple method?

Are you a man looking for ways to last longer in the bedroom and perfect your cum shot?

Have you ever suffered from the embarrassment of small and feeble ejaculations?

Do you want to learn how to take increase your load and take your sex life to the next level?

Well, you’re not alone...

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you really need to read this ‘Shoot Ropes’ review.

There are thousands of men of all ages who suffer from low semen volume when they ejaculate. 

It’s more common than you think but the problem doesn’t stop there. Producing low levels of semen when you ejaculate usually effects your whole sexual performance.

This shoot Ropes review is based on my opinion after trying the program.

It's time to take control…

Shoot ropes program

There are many factors that can cause you to have a low sperm count when you ejaculate.

But the good news is you can control this problem by making a few behavioral changes and applying some simple but highly effective tricks that reveals how to stay harder longer.

Even better, you can reverse it completely, boost your performance and even take your sex life to a whole different level that will blow your mind.

This is where ‘The Shoot Ropes Program’ comes (or should I say cum’s) in to play.

The Shoot Ropes program is an amazing sex techniques for men program by David McLaren that shows you how you can increase your sperm count by a staggering 720% and boost your sexual performance. 

McLaren shows you how to last longer naturally and satisfy your girl 100%.

In this in-depth Shoot Ropes review, I break down how it works and whether or not this program is worth buying.

So, let’s get started:

What is shoot ropes and what does it mean?

How to stay hard longer

The Shoot Ropes program is a downloadable guide by David McLaren that offers simple sex techniques for men that you can use to increase your semen capacity by a staggering 300 to 500 and even 700 percent. 

The good news is your age doesn't matter. Whether you're 19 or 75, a dribbler or have very low semen volume, what you will learn in the Shoot Ropes guide will blow your mind. It’s totally natural and doesn’t involve expensive and ineffective sperm volume pills.

The author, David McLaren says, if it’s a quick fix pills your looking for this program can't help you. Shoot Ropes cant be rushed, it's a lifestyle, 100% natural and guaranteed to work.

Now, you may be skeptical it's even possible to increase your semen volume. You might think porn stars are just gifted or the only way to shoot bigger loads is to save up for several days.

McLaren states - “It is possible and easy, once you know how”.

He says he uses these exact tricks he teaches in his guide how to increase sperm by a staggering 700 plus percent and how to last longer in bed naturally.

It’s totally possible for any man to do the same, and after reading his guide and do what exactly it says there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t to the same.

Just like thousands of guys who have already, discovered how to achieve remarkable euphoric orgasms of their life.

David McLaren’s Shoot Ropes Discovery

shoot ropes pdf downloads

David McLaren’s teaches some dirty little secrets the male enhancement and pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know and tells you exactly how you can start having explosive porn style climaxes while saving your money.

McLaren says, he researched countless hours online, pounding back late-night expressos and taking notes voraciously.

He poured through scientific studies and red stacks of clinical research papers to find the latest and most promising information.

He was obsessed with finding a real solution.

For months this took up all his free time. He even reached out to male porn stars on internet forums because they're under a lot of pressure to have magnificent finale.

They don't call it the Money Shot for Nothing.

By asking a guy in the industry, he would get real secrets you can't get anywhere else.

After interviewing them he was surprised by what he learned and was so excited to try it all out for himself.

After months of exhaustive research and testing, he boiled everything down to his notebook and kept only the methods that got him the best results and put it in his laptop for future reference.

Weeks later, he realized there were hundreds of thousands, if not millions of men who were just like him who would kill to get their hands on this hard-core information.

Men who'd like bigger more visual and dramatic climaxes. Learn how to increase stamina naturally, how to increase sperm and the feeling of masculinity that comes along with it.

That was when he decided to make it available to men everywhere so they could get the results without having to expend the time or effort or money he had to.

McLaren called the guide ‘Shoot Rope program’. 

Keep reading this shoot ropes review to grab a special discount to the program.

sex techniques for men

Shoot Ropes instant download

This cutting-edge step by step guide for men, contains everything from his research, experiments and interviews with for male porn stars.

Shoot Rope is the decisive guide to achieve ultimate camera money shots like no other, there is absolutely nothing else like the Shoot Ropes available.

So, are you set to experience the most extreme ejaculations of your life?

Are you prepared to sustain your ultimate testosterone levels like an alpha silver-back in breeding season?

Are you Prepared for a raging libido, rampant erections and untiring sexual endurance you thought were only for born gifted men?

McLaren warns this program is only meant to get into the hands of guys who are serious about taking every aspect of their sexual prowess to the limit.

If this is you, then need you to listen closely! because the next few minutes could change your life. Its a proven program that will actually work.

Foods proven to maximize semen volume

Pro tip number one:  Eat Foods proven to maximize semen volume. 

Porn stars eat certain scientifically proven to increase semen volume erection strength and testosterone.

For example, did you know celery is proven to increase sperm count and even contains two powerful pheromones that arouse women and when females of various species of the animal kingdom catch a whiff of these pheromones, they automatically assume the mating position.

In Shoot Ropes, you'll get the porn star diet used the maintain the perfect cum shot and eliminates a low sperm count.

Viagra alternative food

shoot ropes review

maintain the perfect cum shot

Discover Viagra alternative foods.

This guide reveals the top 20 aphrodisiac super-foods that can super charge your semen loads and in some cased even reversing a low sperm count.

11 Risky foods you need to avoid right now, which can lower your semen volume, reduces your testosterone and essentially castrate you.

You’ve probably eaten at least 5 of these dangerous foods in the last 24 hours alone.

Using this proven Shoot Ropes diet will help you effortlessly increase muscle while decreasing stubborn body fat at the same time. 

Take the right supplements

orgasm huge loads

Pro tip number two: Take the right supplements.

As already mentioned, volume pills and most other male enhancement supplements are a waste of your time and money.

With these types of supplements, the results might be good at first but within a week your body stops responding completely because you develop a tolerance to the phytochemicals which produce the effects.

In Shoot Ropes, you'll get supplementing for huge loads and incredible sex.

McLaren tells you which supplements actually work and exactly how to take them so never stop working.  

It’s the ultimate Viagra foods all rolled in to one.

No, the supplements are totally optional, and you can still get great results without them.

How Does Exercise Help Sexually?

Pro tip number three: Do Hands-On exercises:

In his research, McLaren discovered twelve Hands-On techniques top male porn stars practice daily to increase their ejaculation capacity, power and distance, increase testosterone, and how to stay harder longer every time and have nearly unlimited sexual stamina. It's a total Viagra alternative and last much longer and on demand just when you need it.

These techniques are widely used by porn stars to help them last up to several hours and take full control over their orgasms get the desired cum shot for the camera. 

These are the secrets of the porn industry that give porn stars unbelievable sexual power, unheard in the regular men.

These free techniques are effective, extremely pleasurable and only takes a few minutes a day. You will learn how does exercise help sexually and how it works.

Tricks to develop spectacular orgasms

Inside Shoot Ropes you'll find 12 amazing tricks to develop spectacular orgasms.

12 tricks this includes:

An effective, powerful and proven device invented by a doctor over 52 years ago, you can use while sleeping.  The effects are awesome, when you wake up you will have testicles full and potential to double your ejaculation capacity. Your really notice your sperm count.

And It requires minimum effort, and it’s something you can make  yourself.

Also, a taboo trick that strengthens your orgasm by 400%. You'll experience orgasms lasting up to minute long and possibly even multiple orgasms.

How to achieve the coveted ropes effect, where you shoot long ropy spurts.

In addition to everything already mentioned, here's just a tiny sample more of what you're going to get when you explore Shoot Ropes today.

You'll also get:

Shoot Ropes - Five lifestyle tricks for peak testosterone.

Which habits you must avoid preventing your testosterone from being sucked out of you.

Two things you're probably doing right now that are killing your sperm.

How to keep your testosterone at the upper end of the spectrum without having to deal with the dangerous side effects of TRT injections or creams, including blood clots, stroke, high estragon levels, man boobs and just a whole hell of a lot of stuff that you don't want.

Being able to strip off fat and pack on muscle like it's nobody's business and have the lean beefy and masculine body women want to lick.

Make these easy to make lifestyle changes and it will be like flipping a switch that puts you in sex god mode 24/7.

How to increase testicles size and weight for huge bull balls.

Fact! your testicles are about 25% smaller than your grandfathers were at your age.

 How do I know this? Well research shows that since the 1970s men's testosterone, semen volume, fertility and testicles size have been in rapid and terrifying decline.

You're going to get the complete solution for reversing these problems and learn how to get your testicles hanging big full and heavy in a feminized world full of wimpy little boys with shrunken testicles and outright testosterone deficiency.

You will discover how to last longer in bed naturally and be in total control.

Man Killers, you must avoid that are responsible for the feminization of men.

How to naturally increase your dopamine.

Dopamine is the brains pleasure chemical that is released when you eat good food have an orgasm or experience pleasure of any kind. These are a kind of natural Viagra foods that are available everywhere.

With these dopamine boosting tips, your orgasms will become so intense you curl your toes and growl and pure ecstasy.

How to almost eliminate your refractory period. In other words the amount of time it takes you to recharge after an orgasm. You'll always be ready for another round, even if you had sex several times a day.

Fix premature ejaculation for good.  Most men actually masturbate in a way that trains their body to ejaculate prematurely.

Shoot Ropes will teach you how you can train your body to last by using the same methods male porn stars used to last three hours with the most gorgeous women on the planet and have precise control over your orgasms so you can last long enough to give her multiple orgasms without breaking a sweat and so much more.

There simply too much to list all the good stuff you're going to get inside.

Can you feel how much you want this? That feeling in your gut, your heart thumping against your rib-cage.

How much is Shoot Ropes 

Visit the official website for latest price here.

How much is it worth to experience the most powerful voluminous and long-lasting climaxes of your life, to see her reaction when she sees your huge powerful cumshots, taking your orgasms to the limit of sexual Euphoria, so that you're left panting for more. 

Never having to worry about the pain and embarrassment of small weak ejaculation ever again.

The program show regular guys how to stay harder longer, experience incredible sexual power and get revenge on the companies who make money selling worthless products to men with false promises.

The good news is, the author is setting the price of shoot ropes at just one single payment of $97, but if you take actions right now and click on the button below, you’ll get another 60% off that already discounted price.

Simply click the big yellow button below and you'll get the complete Shoot Ropes program for the discounted price of just 37 measly bucks, but you have to act right now.

This major discount is a temporary promotional offer only for the early birds like you and at some point, the price is going to double or even triple as demand increases.

Don't miss your opportunity to lock in this discount while is lasts.

If you don't at least triple your semen volume, if you don't start having the most powerful intense and visually impressive orgasms of your life.  

If you get anything less than incredible results just send David McLaren’s staff a quick email (email found on his website here) within the next 60 days and you'll get every cent of your money back as fast as they possibly can.

If you are not totally convinced to the guide is worth far more than what you paid for it. McLaren says he will give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Free Special Bonuses

When you buy the Shoot Ropes today you will get not one but two very special bonuses.

Bonus One

‘Shoot Ropes - The porn star smoothie recipe’ 


Viagra Food smoothies

This is a powerful smoothie consumed by male porn stars, especially right before shoots to maximize their semen volume and erection power. You will discover Viagra alternative food that will give more than a quick boost.

It's going to give you this exact recipe which only requires nine cheap and easy to find ingredients and it tastes freaking amazing, kind of like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

It’s the secret formula to increase stamina naturally.

It's fast and simple to make you can drink it in the mornings or an hour before sex for a power boost in erection strength libido and semen volume.

The ingredients in this smoothie have been optimized to work with each other to produce powerful synergistic effects, included are special ingredients to make it even more powerful.

You have the option of using the original recipe or using my upgraded version with the powerful tweets to give it an extra kick.

Bonus Two

 ‘Shoot Ropes - Secrets of a tasty load’ 


How to make semen taste good

The taste of semen is the number one obstacle most women have with blow jobs.

If your load tastes like a spoonful of salt water, you're probably not getting all the head you could and should be getting.

In this special bonus, you're going to learn how to make sperm taste and smell better.

Your girl is much more likely to give you regular eager hot sloppy head when she expects your load to taste like a fruit cocktail.

You're going to learn how to change her perspective of blowjobs from something she does for you because you love it, into something she does because she loves it.

shoot ropes - how to make sperm taste and smell better

The taste of your semen can have a major impact on your confidence. You'll learn what you absolutely must avoid that makes your spunk taste horrible. 

Plus, you'll discover how you can sweeten your loads by using certain foods and even give it special flavors like pina colada or pumpkin pie so she will crave the taste of it.

Learning how to make sperm taste and smell better is a game changer.

These bonuses are only available in this special limited time offer when using the button below, and you must act now because once this offer is taken down the bonuses will be gone forever, you can't get them separately.

The only way to get them, is to order before this promotional offer is taken down for good.

So, you have three options from this point.

Shoot Ropes is one of the best purchases they have made in their lifetime so far.

So, stop buy sperm volume and election pills.

Some supplements will lower testosterone or shut it down completely resulting in awful side effects like man boobs and even impotence. 

And it gets even worse the FDA has found a surprisingly large number of male enhancement supplements to contain dangerous as untested knockoff versions of prescription drugs not labelled in the ingredients and they're so expensive almost every single brand I've ever seen cost $60 for a single bottle which is only a one month supply.

If you bought a one-year supply of sperm volume pills for sixty dollars per bottle. It would cost you an astounding $720.

Visit the official website for latest price here

Pros & Cons

Our likes and dis-likes about this product


  • The Shoot Ropes program has plenty of good reviews from users from all round the world..  Some say it's a Viagra alternative.
  • The book is packed with practical advice, tips and trick. Combined with the bonuses is over delivers on content yet it costs far less than you would expect. Great value for money!
  • The whole interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. It’s not over-complicated to operate.
  •  The program comes with a 60 days 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee.
  • The Shoot Ropes is a PDF  eBook  that can be instantly downloaded and read on desk-top, tablet and mobile devices.


  • Shoot Ropes is a digital product so you must have a active WiFi connection to download it. You will also need a compatible device to read the product.


Give Shoot Ropes to try for 60 days.

The worst possible outcome is you hate it, so you ask for a refund.  

If you give it a try and experience the sexual powers, discover how to stay harder longer and gain ridiculous Grand finales, you never thought were possible.

We already agreed Shoot Ropes is worth at least $197.

‘The Porn Star Smoothie Recipe’ is worth $27 and ‘Secrets of a Tasty Load’ is worth $47, but you can't get them anywhere else.

They are part of this special package as a limited time offer. That all add up to like $271.

But if you act right now, you get everything mentioned this above for just a one-time payment of $37, that is almost half the price of a one month supply of pills and is about five percent of the cost of a one-year Supply.

This Shoot Ropes offer is a one-time deal that will last you a lifetime.  Just click the button below and you will be glad you did.

Once you order you'll get instant access to the full Shoot Ropes  download form. It can be downloaded to your computer smartphone or tablet instantly.

Get instant access and at this severely discounted price, only if you act right now.

All you have to do is click the big yellow button that to get access to the Shoot Ropes PDF download page.

You'll gain instant access to everything, and it will be completely discreet. 

If you're not performing Like a Porn Star, you're letting yourself down and your girl down.

Your girl won't be able to hide her amazement once she notices the difference.

Shoot Ropes is legitimately a $97 program and many copies have sold at this price. It's yours today for only $37 when you click on the blue button below:

So, with the severely discounted prices and the to free special bonuses and the 60-day zero worry guarantee, this is a total no-brainer for you. 

You can get started in less than a few minutes from now.

Now, you can get instant access to Shoot Ropes and the limited time special fast action bonuses. All you have to do is click the button below .

Thanks for reading my Shoot Ropes review,

all the best Chris

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