The 100k Shout Out Review – Dose it Do Exactly What It Promises

In this The 100k Shout Out review I will be taking a closer looks at the course and evaluate whether or not it’s worth investing your hard earnt cash.

 The 100k Shout Out is an innovative course which promises to help you build an income of $100,000/yr or more from scratch.

The course is the latest offering from Chris Munch, a SaaS entrepreneur & viral content strategist. He is best known for founding the fastest growing Press Release distribution company, as well as a history releasing independent websites and software into the wild web. His sites and online properties have reached in excess of 30 million people online, and sold hundreds of thousands of digital and physical products, and been featured in The Sun, Mashable, USA Today, Wired, Gizmodo & more.

Also it gives you access to a revolutionary new traffic software called “AmpiFire” and multiple campaigns for free!

“AmpiFire” is their brand new, never-before-seen “Content Amplification Engine” and it’s the first of its kind. It can be used to Amplify any business by getting it more exposure and buyer traffic online.

It works by running powerful “OmniPresence” campaigns, which essentially take anything and gets it ALL over the internet fast, without you doing the work.

Just By Filling In A Short And Very Simple Form Online – AmpiFire:

Creates And Publishes Posts To Real High Traffic Blogs.

Creates And Publishes Articles On Mainstream News Sites.

Creates And Publishes Videos On YouTube & Vimeo.

Creates And Publishes A PowerPoint Presentation To LinkedIn’s SlideShare.

Creates And Publishes An Audio Clip To Well-Known Podcast Directories.

Creates And Publishes Social Shares To Facebook & Twitter.

And Even Publishes To Google News As Well!

The 100k Shout Out traffic strategy

The combined authority of all these placements lands in Google for various valuable keywords within 36 hours… so they start sending steady streams of buyer traffic long term and also improve the rankings of whatever they promote!

Using a mixture of AI, software automation, manual writing & optimization by our team of inhouse professionals and our exclusive deals with major sites – you save the days and hundreds of dollars it would otherwise take to produce EVEN ONE of these powerful campaigns manually.

The software creators call this entire process a “Digital Shout Out” – and it Amplifies whatever you promote.

eCommerce business, does affiliate marketing, local business or anything else… if they need online exposure this will get them exposure


Whether you have an eCommerce business, do affiliate marketing, run a local business or anything else… if you need online exposure this will get you exposure.

Even if your just getting started, it shows even the absolute beginner how to start from scratch and grow to $100k per year.

The $100k Shout Out Is Designed To Go From $0 to $100,000 Year With:

No Product No Audience No Website No Experience No Startup Capital No Special Skills

By stacking $1,000/mo payments the way we show them, they can hit 6-figure recurring revenue with just 9x campaigns running on autopilot and without doing the marketing work themselves.

“Content Amplification & OmniPresence” are the hot new marketing trends proving ultra-effective for growing businesses – and as the world’s first and only ‘Amplification Engine’; AmpiFire is the first and only way to make “OmniPresence” as easy and automated as it can be.

Even using an early version of the strategy, these campaigns have gone as far as repeatedly growing businesses by 200-300% in just a few months.

The course has been able to help countless students get paid $500-$3,000/mo, running these campaigns for other businesses too.

To get instant access to The $100k Shout Out click on the link below: