Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit Review – Dealing With First Signs Of Menopause


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Are you a woman going through a midlife transition?

Are the signs of menopause starting to affect your life?

Do you feel nothing is going right for you?

Is the menopause transition making your life hell?

Are you overwhelmed with stressed, exhaustion or suffering chronic illness that seems to have no end?

Is your life falling apart around you while trying to maintain a relationship and your career?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is for you!

The Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit is a group of 22 female experts on women’s health from all around the world.  Their mission is to revolutionize women’s midlife transition by offering an opportunity for women to get to gather, bond and share their experiences.

Don’t carry the burden of the midlife transition alone – Share your experiences and learn from others just like you:



Get in depth information about hormone balancing, hormone replacement, bio-identical hormones.

Chronic Diseases

Ways to avoid chronic diseases and how to manage them in a holistic way if you already have them.

Understanding your body shifts

Understanding what’s happening to your body will help you take control. Learn more about shifts in your body, your mind and your soul.

Time for healing

Discover why midlife is the time for healing and how to support yourself for an energized, healthy and inspiring journey.

Reinvent yourself

Learn how women like you re-invent themselves, liberate from traditional and modern cultural, medical and religious moldings

Give yourself the best start

Knowing the signs of menopause starting and how to deal with it. Make this the best time of your life naturally, healthy, strong and fulfilled.


About this product:

The Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit is a new uplifting online program for women experiencing their midlife transformation. Created to help women reaching or going through middle age to discover and learn from each other’s experiences and form a bond.

It exposes the myths, misinformation and lies women are told about midlife and allow women reclaim their power.

The program offers knowledge, experience, inspiration, and wisdom from direct interviews from 22 female professionals, with two new interviews added daily. Learn from female nutritionists, doctors, hormone experts, holistic therapists, herbalists, authors, life coaches, entrepreneurs and physical trainers, all helping you to embrace the joy of seasoned womanhood.

The Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit details how the Menopausal transition prepares your body, mind and soul for what is the third stage in your life.  The program presents the opportunity to embrace midlife and learn to understand and treat yourself in ways that favours a long healthy meaningful future and look forward gracefully.

Get answers to some of most asked questions is relation to women entering middle age, questions like:  when do women go through menopause? what are early signs of menopause? how to deal with midlife crisis? And many more….

The Vision

The vision of the Women’s Midlife Revolution focuses towards looking forward to your future and not your fears, anxieties, frustrations, and the any battles women face when entering their forties.

Life can sometimes get crazy and going through the menopause transition doesn’t make things any easier. It can seem even worse if you are having to deal with losing your job, a divorce, the death of a loved one, feeling incompetent, visible signs of aging, insomnia, depression just to name a few.

All that you took for granted when you were younger seems to be fading away or does not cut it for you anymore.

That’s why Women’s Midlife Revolution summit was created, to bring to you an understanding about the important of your life-passage, working out solutions, to maintain health, have strategies, how to heal past wounds and re-learn your worth. It shows you how you can create the life, the career, the family life, the relationship you want now and in your future.

It’s time to celebrate your age, your lessons in life, your victories and love for yourself. The program will show how you can use this midlife transition to regenerate yourself.

Now is the time to reclaim your power and get in touch with your innermost feminine wisdom that is waiting to mature and finally be released.

Joining the the summit will give you new insights and understanding of the amazing opportunities that await you. Be part of this Life Transforming Event

Register now and watch these interviews for Free all from the comfort of your home.



  • if midlife seems to be getting to you and nothing feels right anymore
  • if you’re not dealing with stress in the same way you used to
  • if you are finding your menopausal symptoms confusing, just want to transition naturally, becoming emotional, getting anxious, restless and/or sweating
  • if you are feeling physical and emotional discomfort
  • if what you once accomplish don’t feel as satisfying anymore, and you just want to leap out of your paradigm
  • if you find yourself stuck in the same story different people situations, and want to understand where these recurring scenarios come from, and how you can change them
  • if you have at any time experienced a childhood or adult life trauma
  • if you want to take control of your life
  • if your feeling mis-understood, unheard and under-valued
  • if you feel expressing your needs and frustrations are going un-noticed
  • you want to feel amazing and appreciate your life
  • if you know you want to change but not sure where to begin, you don’t have time, idea, money, knowledge, passion
  • if you are struggling to make your marriage work in midlife
  • if you worry about your finances as you get older
  • if you have always put everyone else’s life before yours and now your kids are grown up, you want to start thinking about your career, but not sure how or where to begin
  • If you want to know about the myths, misinformation and the lies women are told about their health and biology
  • If you wonder how to feel good about your life and prepare for your best time ever

If you want to know anything about woman’s midlife , check out their official website below:

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What you get when you order the program:

The product will be delivered as a download link emailed to you with the purchase receipt.

The Product is an eBook containing links to access all 23 talks from The Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018.

The talks are available if the following formats: MP4 Videos, MP3 Audios and written transcripts.

Bonus:  You will also receive Free Gifts by the speakers.

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November 18, 2018

It was so nice to hear from other women I could relate to. Very helpful.


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