Zippo Pay Review – Dose This Lead & Income Generator Work

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Have you ever come across something and you instinctively know it’s going to be successful?

If you’re an online marketer, whether you are a seasoned professional or newbie…. You need to read this.


You are about to learn how this automated system will build your email list and increase your income.

The Zippo Pay Review

This program is an innovative marketing system can change the way you make money online.

So, what is this innovative marketing method I hear you say!

It’s called Zippo Pay, a new way customer can pay for a digital product but not as you know it.

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Zippo Pay is an ingenious comprehensive business system that allows you to “sell” online products in exchange for a set number of email subscribers. You can set the amount of emails subscribers you want based on the value of the product you are offering.

The way this works is quite simple but incredibly effective….

When selling products online you would usually have a payment button somewhere of your sales page, like PayPal or similar for example.

By adding a Zippo Pay button in additional to your usual payment method, your visitors have the option to “pay” for products by referring others via the Zippo Pay program.

Zippo Pay Review - Pay Button

Zippo Pay Button

Customers that choose to checkout through the Zippo Pay button will be driving more leads and traffic to your website…

This increases your potential leads and income and the cycle keeps repeating for as long as you want. It will continue repeating momentum, virtually driving your offer to go viral


It’s a GAME CHANGER in online marketing.

Lead and Income Generator

Now, this is all good if you’ve got your own products to sell, but what if you’re a compete newbie without any products.

No worries! Zippo Pay have already thought of that and offer an excellent way to get started.

The program comes with a 100% done for you product complete with a webfunnel called “Dumb Little Cash Makers”.


FREE traffic….


They also offer a built-in marketplace allowing you to get unlimited FREE traffic to your ZP offers.

You can see how effective the software is in the video below showing a test run “in real time” of the software in action.

Click here to watch the video:

The video demonstrates, after a few minutes setting up, right from the start the software and the web funnel made over $300 and 148 email leads in just a few hours.

Did I mention the test run in the video used web funnel that’s included done for you product I

mentioned above?


What make Zippo Pay unique is it’s “pay by lead” payment system via the payment button and funnels.  It allows visitors to purchase digital or physical products by referring leads (email subscribers).

It works much the same as a typical payment system except that Zippo Pay customers will be paying by referring a certain number of leads in exchange for receiving the product.


Setting up Zippo Pay?

Setting up is so easy, it only takes a few minutes. You simply generate Zippo Pay button and paste it next to your Paypal payment button on your product or offer page. Your customers now have the option to either pay through Paypal or by sending other Zippo Pay customer free checkout referrals…



So, as you can see, this software not only generate leads and an online income for established online marketers, it can help new aspiring online marketers to get started.

The ultra-high quality “done for you” product web funnels allows virtually anybody can create a profitable email list plus an unlimited income.


What all this means is the Zippo Pay button will drive traffic to your site, build your email subscribers list, boost your income — all on auto-pilot after placing the button on your sales page.


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  • Setting up the software is easy, it only takes a few minutes.
  • ZippoPay makes boosts your email leads and your income.
  • ZippoPay sends tons of free traffic to your website
  • Choice of buttons to place on your website.
  • Come with a 60-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work the way you expected you can get a full refund.


  • The program is a new concept, it may have teething problems at this early stage.


ZippoPay is a full-blown online business plan with great potential. Don’t let this opportunity get away, grab it as soon as you can. The 60-day money guarantee makes this program risk free,  So, don’t let this chance to get free traffic, E-mail subscribers and extra income get away from you!

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4.0 rating
November 18, 2018

Easy to setup second payment option. Its too early to say how good it is. I like the fact I can get my money back it it doesn’t work.

Kieran C

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